2 BRAINS ARE BETTER THAN 1 (How about 5 brains? 50 brains? 5,000 brains?)


Can an organized, non-expert crowd of volunteers provide correct information to the public without any supervision or guidance? In 2005, Nature magazine conducted a study in which experts analyzed forty-two (42) articles from Wikipedia and Encyclopedia Britannica to see which information source was more accurate. The study showed that the crowd-sourced Wikipedia is nearly as accurate as the expert-created Britannica – independent experts found 3.9 errors per article in Wikipedia versus 2.9 errors per entry in Encyclopedia Britannica. A later 2012 study by Oxford University, found that Wikipedia articles scored higher than Encyclopedia Britannica in accuracy.

Mindsharing is a crowdsourced thinking process to solve problems, make decisions, access creativity and create more ease and joy in our lives. Instead of thinking alone, we use social technologies to THINK IN A BIG CROWD…to gain the COLLECTIVE WISDOM OF THE CROWD. Having access to collective intelligence is a very powerful asset.

Learn how to unleash the potential of your DIGITAL RELATIONSHIP, SOCIAL MEDIA and the ART OF CROWDSOURCING in Mindsharing: The Art of Crowdsourcing Everything written by Lior Zoref. Watch also his TED talk about crowdsourcing. Bill Gates had mosquitoes and Jill Bolte Taylor had a real brain on stage. Zoref imitated a 1907 style and presented a live OX (Hollywood star Ox. Hehehe) and let the audience guess the weight of the OX on the stage. Crowd wisdom works.


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