“DANCING WITH THE POSSIBILITIES” (Pen Pineapple Apple Pen and TRUMP[et] Challenge)

PPAP shocked the music world when it became a trend in social media recently with its comic and baffling lyrics. Many sensibilities were vexed.

The same holds true with the TRUMP[et] challenge in US elections yesterday. Many were surprised, until now.

In politics as in any platform, exasperation may snatch any odd and bizarre moments.

Any exasperation due to the political landscape in any polity may lead the exasperated to try the unchartered waters, unknown territories and new personalities.

Duterte. Trump very recently.

Navigation of this kind is inherently risky. They are not founded on accurate and solid knowledge. At worse, they are founded on hopeful assumption of the unknown and uncertain. (Ironic and false hope.) And at worst, they may be founded on EXASPERATION.

And any navigation of this kind is frightening. The PSE felt the tremors yesterday (and many stock exchanges in the world).

This critical-deconstructive navigation in politics offers a new perspective, a different con-textual reading of contemporary politics. It is an alternative to the straight jacket political correctness of the turncoats and the “trapos”.

We will try the untried. We want risk. We want an adventurous ride. We will try some innovations.

But what if such venture wrecks our ship? Wounds the economy? How will we stanch the bleeding. Those are risks we are willing to gamble with because the limits of the possibilities of the unknown and uncertainty are boundless. And we dare to dance on those possibilities.#

(BBD 10Nov2016)


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