Majority of the people, including the IPs and minorities, must participate in the discussion in any move to rewrite the constitution. But how can the people participate meaningfully if the majority of Filipinos (70+% according to surveys) do not have any idea of their charter and their rights contained therein?

How can we read their values and attitudes if they cannot partcipate? How can we integrate their NEEDS, EXPECTATIONS, WANTS AND SPECIFICATIONS (NEWS) if they cannot participate due to lack of awareness to the very fundamental piece of paper we call the CONSTITUTION? Shall we guess and assume their NEWS? Will this guessing only exacerbate the divide?

I suggest a MASSIVE constitutional education/awareness to cut the 70+% to at least 10%. (Forget about con-ass first, many of those butthole cretins are also victims of constitutional ignorance.)

I don’t know how it could be done but I am sure it can be done. I have seen how successful the BEC program of CBCP and the parishes in its education/and awareness campaign. We can re-model it.

And for sure there are other brilliant ways and means from other similar campaigns of NGOs, stakeholders and denominations.

Plus the reality of INTERNET OF THINGS (IoT) which allows for network connectivity facilitating participation, dialogue and exchange. It behooves me to assume and believe that it can be done.

So before we drive for any rewriting or change of the charter, let us first have a CONSTITUTIONAL AWARENESS DRIVE.

Photo credit OPAPP J. Dureza on GAGF 2016


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