An Ex-Seminarian’s Prayer

Borgjie B. Distura

Dear Lord,

I woke up this morning with the certainty

That you are my companion

Guiding me, putting a belt around my waist

Leading me to where I would rather go.

Help me to present my best self to others.

Let my presence radiate joy and confidence.

For a happy face is an evidence of your grace

When it is time to do my duty

Let me not go to work on time

Help me to be there ahead of time;

With the right attitude: joyful, hopeful,

thankful; with a mind attuned to the will of God…

…if in some situations my tolerance runs low,

Let me listen to the voice within me that says:

Take it easy. Have patience with others.

Sometimes the people are not the problem,

But your attitude towards them.

In moments of weakness,

when I feel the impulse to give up,

to simply walk away and turn my back

on everything precious to me,

remind me of your promise

that your grace is stronger than my weakness.

After all, even the best saints sinned,

the best disciples betrayed,

but you led them back to your loving arms.

And so, at the end of this ‘one day’-

a not so-perfect day in my life as an ex-seminarian,

give me the grace to pause and relax,

to relish the good that this one day unfolds

until more ‘one days’ add up to a week,

a month, a year, or perhaps a lifetime.

…do not allow me to close my eyes

without saying:


for this One Day

in my life.

(An Adaptation of Fr. Rolando de la Rosa’s A Seminarians Prayer)


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