17 years ago: The Seminary’s Odd Exuberance of a New Home

“[We] are the hybrids of golden worlds and ages splendidly conceived” quipped Aberjhani describing the millennials in his book, Journey through the Power of the Rainbow: Quotations from a Life Made Out of Poetry.

Thirty two young 12-year old hybrids from different places and backgrounds came together in one roof that warm June of 2000. We are the millennium freshman-batch housed at St. Pius X Seminary, our new home. Like every new home, it smells different, looks different and feels different. Oddity is the clear picture for those entering a new abode. But what is good about such difference is the difference itself.

Instaurare Omina in Christo. To restore all things in Christ.

We were told that such an environment is really different because we are in for a different ride according to our older brothers. Yes, we call them brothers even if we do not know them yet. Odd.  And there are our “fathers.” We literally call them father. They will be our guide, leader and model. They are our new parents assisted by learned teachers.

Fr. Butch, one of our “fathers,” introduced me to the beauty and limitation of the English language.

And the litany of oddity for these young men is endless. The idea of rising up at 5 am or earlier at your teenage years was a real challenge. The dorm was not just a place of slumber but of laughter, of jokes, of secrets, of fights and also a space where lifelong friendships were forged. There is also the common shower where everything was shared: the toothpaste, shampoo and towels. (It is in this shower area where one of the secret abilities of seminarians were honed, they became masters of wind directions). There are the also odd subjects. English and Filipino were already colossal tasks, include the classical Latin and Spanish declensions, conjugations and vocabularies. Then there were the common prayers and meals. The mandatory study periods. The limited time to go home if there was a chance to go home.

This is the witness of all time and the reminder of the importance and consequence of time.

Generally speaking, the adolescent years of these hybrid youngsters were as precious as gold and ages splendidly conceived by someone so Divine yet odd to the eyes of someone who is young.

ST. PIUS X. Pray for us.

(BBD’s Diary)

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