There are times when you astray
Those slippery paths on a rainy day
Those squalls in the serene bay
Usher you to wander and lose the way.
You're the sun that peeks on the gloomy sky
The rainbow that speaks a smile, not to cry
The helm that steers to a beautiful direction
The northern star guiding the destination
I may not see the lustrous eyes and smile
I will always look up and stare for a while
Say a little prayer, you and me I always pray
God keep you in his blessed keeping I say.
When the going gets tough again
And now people will stand in between
Hold on and do not walk away
Kneel, pray, together we can sway.
As constant as the brightest polaris
Expect the outpouring of grace
We then work together with Him,
that we receive not the grace of God in vain.
Hand in hand in God's loving embrace
Secured by the arms of grace
We can find a place where to go
Build something where love can flow.

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