Month: May 2017


Philosopher-comedian Emily Levine talks about the qualities of a trickster. A trickster, Levine being one brilliant trickster, pokes holes in our fixed ideas and brings hidden truths to light.Trickster is a change agent. And his qualities make it possible to make change happen.

  1. Boundary crossing.

It’s good to talk about things we know nothing about because we bring a fresh viewpoint to it. And this is the problem with  ”objectivity”. When you’re only surrounded by people who speak the same vocabulary as you, or share the same set of assumptions as you, you start to think that that’s reality.

  1. Non-oppositional strategies

Instead of contradiction, non-oppositional strategies. Where you deny the other person’s reality, you have paradox where you allow more than one reality to coexist. “Ears pierced while you wait”

  1. Smart luck

The trickster has a mind that is prepared for the unprepared. That the trickster has the ability to hold his ideas lightly so that he can let room in for new ideas or to see the contradictions or the hidden problems with his ideas.

  1. Making connections.

There are two attributes of matter in the Newtonian universe — one is space occupancy. And the other one though is impenetrability. In ancient Rome, impenetrability was the criterion of masculinity. Masculinity depended on you being the active penetrator. And then, in economics, there’s an active producer and a passive consumer, which explains why business always has to penetrate new markets.

When we make these connections, we short circuit people’s thinking. Make you not follow your usual train of association, but make you rewire. It is literally re-cognition, rewiring how you think.

  1. The trickster has to walk a fine line

He has to have poise. And you know the biggest hurdle is constructing the performance so that it’s prepared and unprepared. Finding the balance between those things is always dangerous because you might tip off too much in the direction of unprepared. But being too prepared doesn’t leave room for the accidents to happen.

  1. A trickster doesn’t have a home

He’s always on the road.



When MAN made a substantial breach of the covenant, it was GOD who was the injured party and should be the one demanding either for FULFILLMENT OR RESCISSION with damages in either case. But MAN cannot pay a divine debt, so GOD incarnated his SON to pay the debts/damages caused by MAN’s substantial breach of faith. Thus the SON was CUT on the cross, sacrificial victim and ransom for our debts.

AT THE TIME OF PERFECTION (Blackout Poetry, Villanueva’s Law on Sales)

Time has been Entirely demanding Without option Either valid or not The LAW strictly speaking Is important for pursuing EXISTENCE.   While the supreme value of existentialist thought is commonly acknowledged to be freedom, its primary virtue is authenticity. In the view of the existentialist, … Continue reading AT THE TIME OF PERFECTION (Blackout Poetry, Villanueva’s Law on Sales)

Prima non Datur et Ultima Dispensatur

Back in the seminary, we have this academic tradition called PRIMA NON DATUR or the first is not given. The practice inside the seminary is that, the first day of formal classes is considered a gift. And the last day of formal classes is likewise a gift – et ultima dispensatur. Meaning the last day is dispensed with.

Truths remain as truths whether given at the first day of classes, in the middle of a semester or towards its end. And truth does not become lesser truth if given later.

There was once a superstition that all that was old was true but now we are faced with what is the contrary and a dangerous superstition that all that is old is false and all that is new is true.

In fact TIME has nothing to do with TRUTH. New truth can and must replace old errors, but it cannot replace older truths. It was foolish of some men to believe that everything Aristotle said was true, just because he said it (in fact many of his doctrines have a lot of loopholes). But it is more foolish to believe that everything Aristotle has said is false just because he said it four centuries before Christ.

I wish to share what Etienne Gilson a famous scholar in philosophy said,

“let us always keep our minds open to every truth and learning, whether it is old or new; let us joyously submit to it, whatever may the time or the direction from which it comes. Be ready always to yield to it, resolve to stick to it, and it will spare you the burden of surrendering to anybody or anything else. Truth will make you free; submission to it will make you great.”

And lastly, in learning we have to bear in mind that nothing is more great an accomplishment than sharing the magic of laughter, the harmony of friendship and the beauty of love. And know that there is no success so sweet than living life everyday and enjoying it to the fullest.

God Bless.