We clearly see all the details of the case
When we walk in an unfamiliar dark place
We tend to focus even to a tiny flicker
Sometimes we too need to be a stranger

Not to any place but to our very own self
So we may see all that stuck in the shelf
To be lost in order to see the details
Of things we take for granted in our sails

Because we have been so routinary
And do the things we love instinctively
We tend to value things from afar
And forget the near and its bazaar

They say one cannot be a prophet of grace
Especially to his own native place
One cannot also be a prophet himself
Especially to his very own self

That is why we need to be a stranger
To preach the things divine to a wanderer
the gospel of wonder to a soul and its whispers
Fixing broken wings and mental blisters.



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